QA Program

BRTRC has an active quality control plan that recognizes the inherent dichotomy between cost targets and schedules for each tasking, and the professional desire of staff members to produce the best products available. The objective of this plan is to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality product consistent with the time and resources available. The components of this plan are:

  • The Project Manager ensures that assigned individuals spend all their time on productive efforts. This minimizes costs and conserves resources. Natural fluctuations that occur because of project schedules are leveled by reassigning otherwise productive individuals to more pressing tasks.
  • The Project Manager holds monthly program reviews to assess progress towards meeting the contract objectives, review project costs expended to date, discuss any problem areas, and prepare updated milestone charts. These program reviews also review the monthly cost and performance report prepared by our accounting staff.
  • The Project Manager is expected to have frequent formal and informal discussions of contract status with the technical points of contact at the Navy customer organization. Progress and problem areas are to be freely discussed.
  • BRTRC employs its standardized technical report format, such as the one represented in this proposal, on all U.S. Navy products, except as necessary by the specific requirements of the customer.
  • BRTRC's Project Manager actively controls vendor, consultant, and subcontractor performance and cost.

BRTRC's customer-centric culture is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction. We hire, train, and offer individuals who understand that being responsive to customer direction and needs ensures that we provide relevant high-quality services to each customer. Our staff works closely with customers, often on-site at customer facilities. Our Program Managers communicate regularly with each customer, and place a premium on cooperation and responsiveness to customer requirements and feedback, which we solicit regularly.

Despite BRTRC's remarkable track record for meeting and surpassing customer expectations, we recognize that problems do arise during the performance of engineering, technical and programmatic services. BRTRC takes a proactive approach to resolving problems, using extensive communications both within our team, and between our team and the customer. The sooner a problem is identified, the more effectively we can address it. Working closely with the customer, BRTRC identifies the issues, proposes potential solutions incorporating customer feedback, estimates any costs associated with the potential solutions, and rapidly implements any corrective actions to achieve the desired result with customer approval. We have always satisfied our customer's requirements.